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Transforming your body isn’t easy, but it is worth all the effort and energy you exert! Whether your goal is to build muscle, bulk up, tone or lose weight, exercise matters. Anyone will tell you that. But a personal trainer will also tell you nutrition matters, as well. And, yes, there are a million and one diet programs and philosophies of food lifestyles. But it all comes down to the three macros: carbs, protein and fat. (Yes, you need to actually eat fat.)

There are an endless number of theories as to what and when to eat in relation to a workout. The following recommendations are guidelines that have led to the achievement of fitness goals by athletes, fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Before beginning any new diet or exercise program, consult your physician.

Pre-Workout Nutrition

At The Camp Transformation Center we are committed to helping you reach your fitness goals. That includes providing nutritional guidance to transform your physique. Whether you are working out first thing in the morning, on your lunch break, or after work, pre-workout nutrition is important. If you have time (2+ hours before the workout), eat a balanced meal with carbs, protein and healthy fats. If you are more limited on time, focus primarily on a small snack including a bit of caffeine and a complex carbohydrate (a cup of coffee and a slice of whole-wheat toast).

Caffeine helps provide your mind with alertness and energy to push yourself during your workout. After all, is it worth exercising if you’re approaching it half-heartedly or lazily? Start out energized, alert and focused and see just what you can do!

Carbs are often erroneously seen as the mortal enemy of health. But your body needs fuel, and complex carbs are a great source of fast fuel. Consuming carbs shortly (an hour or less) before a workout can give you stamina and endurance, boost strength and increase energy and focus for your workout.

While real food is best, some days time is against you. No worries! Using a supplement such as Pre FX can give you all that you’re looking for to maximize your energy and efforts in a great-tasting mixable powder.

Post-Workout Nutrition

Way to go! You totally just crushed that workout… and now you’re hungry. Before you reach for the closest candy bar, understand what your body needs to take all that hard work you just did and turn it into results. Whether you did cardio, weight lifting or a combination, the macronutrient that will assist your recovery is protein. Because protein is the basis of the muscles in your body, consuming protein post-workout can help your muscles recover quicker and build strength. Ideally, consume your post-workout snack or meal within 30 minutes of completing your exercise.

  • Balance the protein with small amounts of carbs and fats to feel great fast.
  • A sliced-up apple topped with your favorite nut butter
  • Greek yogurt with fruit
  • Protein shake or smoothie for on-the-go nutrition
  • Lean meat, such as chicken or fish

But if you need fast protein with balance, reach for ISO FX, Glutamine FX or many of the other high-quality supplements provided through The Camp.

Our trainers and staff are here to help you become fit, healthy and reach your wellness goals. Call with questions about our program or our supplements at 615-915-2068.

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