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Everyone has a personal reason for hitting the gym and exercising. For some, it’s losing excess weight and body fat. Others are looking to bulk up by building muscle. Still, others may be at their ideal weight and BMI but want to ensure an ongoing healthy lifestyle, including a strong heart and lungs. And, like every muscle group, if you don’t use it, you lose it! At The Camp, we recognize each individual’s needs. Also, we know that goals and needs change in time. That’s why we are proud to offer several personalized options to help you achieve your goal.


The Camp is a supportive and encouraging environment, with participants banding together to bring out the best in each other and push one another to accomplish great things. Whether you have never set foot in a fitness facility or you’ve been working out for decades, all are welcome in this safe space.


Before beginning any new diet or exercise program, consult your physician.


16-Week Body Transformation Challenge
The 16-week transformation challenge is for anyone wanting to make committed, transforming changes to their health and wellness, both short- and long-term. There may be different fitness levels represented in the group, but everyone is in the same boat with the same goal: transform. This challenge includes unlimited group training sessions, a customized 4-phase nutritional plan to walk you through the 16-week challenge, support, and accountability from your coach, as well as unrivaled camaraderie with your fellow challengers.

Twenty Pound Weight Loss Challenge
This six-week-long program is specially designed to help jumpstart fitness. Weekly weigh-ins help you stay on track to lose twenty pounds in six weeks! Bootcamp-style HIIT workout classes include a variety of stations and are only 50 minutes long. While you are working out with an encouraging group of like-minded people, you can go at your own pace. Just get the best workout YOU can. You aren’t competing with anyone but yourself. This challenge can go beyond exercise. The optional meal plan will provide nutritional guidance regarding what to eat, when to eat, how often, and – most of all – why it all matters. The most important aspect of the twenty-pound challenge is the incredible support you’ll receive, both in-person and online.

Hard Body Challenge
If you’ve been working out for a while, you know it’s common to plateau in progress. (Or perhaps you’re just looking to kick it up a notch!) The Hard Body Challenge is for you! This six-week program incorporates HIIT and weight training to reach the goal of losing 5% body fat. You’ll get three body fat readings during the course of the program to make sure you’re on track. Nutritional guidance and support make this focused goal achievable. Take control of your fitness goals and see what you’re capable of accomplishing!

Elite Training
Maybe you function best with a dedicated trainer and a small group of participants. If so, check out the Elite Training option. Limited to eight participants, you’ll get to know your teammates and coach through a minimum of eight 1-hour sessions every month. The support of the team environment could be the catalyst to reach your fitness goals.

To get more information about these programs or ask questions, contact a CAMP representative at 615-915-2068 or try a Free 7-Day Workout Pass!

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